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Billing Inquiries & Lost Book Charges

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy reminder when items on three-week loan are one week overdue. Borrowers remain responsible for fines and bills incurred whether or not an overdue notice is received (see Circulation Rules for fine schedules).

Inquiries about overdue notices, fines, bills, lost items, or damaged items should be directed to the Library Billing Office, room 110A behind the Circulation Desk. This office is staffed from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday; telephone 826-5601. Fines and bills are paid at Student Financial Services on the second floor of the Student & Business Services Building, not at the Library.

Items which are not returned, are lost, or damaged to the extent that they will need to be replaced are billed for replacement cost, a $15.00 processing fee to cover costs of ordering and cataloging the item, and in some instances an overdue fine. If an item is lost, stolen, or destroyed, this should be reported to the Billing Office as soon as possible. By doing so, overdue fines may be negated or reduced, and we can often present possible cost saving options for replacement. 

If an item is returned undamaged within a year from the billing date the replacement cost and processing fee is cleared; if these amounts have been paid, the payment will be refunded automatically (less any overdue fines). However, Humboldt State University forwards all unpaid bills to a collection agency when they become six months past due. Library bills that have been referred to collection cannot be reversed. If payment is made before a bill goes to collection, that payment may be refunded if the item is returned within one year of the billing date. To be eligible for a refund, payment must be made before a bill goes to collection. Please contact the Billing Office if you have any questions.