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Posted By admin on October 19, 2009

Throughout Three Cups of Tea are references to names and writings that might have piqued your interest.  Here are some tips to help you  look a little deeper:

  • Warrior Song of King Gezar (Gesar). Called  Gling Ge sar gye sgrung in Tibetan, this ancient and massive epic poem relates the heroic deeds of the divine king, Gesar.  It was translated and written down for the first time in 1716, and several regional versions exist.  You can read more about this work on the web at Bookrags.com where several short articles are linked or in the New World Encyclopedia article HSU Library has ordered a modern popular translation by Douglas Penick of selections from the epic.  The book should be here soon.   A more scholarly version was undertaken by Robin Kornman for Penguin, and an 800 page volume is due to be published in 2010.  More about this…
  • Barry Bishop.  Greg Mortensen’s father-in-law was an important National Geographic photographer and official.  He summitted Mt. Everest in 1963 as the Society’s official photographer and contributed to publications and maps on the region.  His thesis became the foundation for a book:  Bishop, Barry C. 1990. Karnali under stress: livelihood strategies and seasonal rhythms in a changing Nepal Himalaya. Chicago, Ill: University of Chicago. NY Times ObituaryHow we climbed Everest” from National Geographic, May, 2003.  His thesis became the foundation for a book,  Bishop, Barry C. 1990. Karnali under stress: livelihood strategies and seasonal rhythms in a changing Nepal Himalaya. Chicago, Ill: University of Chicago.
  • Helena Norberg-Hodge.  The HSU Library has books and videos highlighting this ecological activist and author.  Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh , published by the Sierra Club, is available under call number HN690.L33 N67 1991 A video based on the book is available at HSU as Video 5115 and on the web . The summary: “Ladakh, in the western Himalayas, is a place of few resources and an extreme climate. After centuries of living in harmony with the environment, recent trends in development and modernization threaten to disrupt traditions of ecological balance and social harmony. Examines the root causes of environmental, social, and psychological problems, and provides valuable guidelines for the future Ladākh as well as the West”  She also appears in a collection on Buddhism such as  Buddhism and Ecology (call number BQ4570.N3 B38 1994 ) with an essay called “May a hundred plants grow from one seed : the ecological tradition of Ladakh meets the future”.  She is highlighted in another volume: Breton, Mary Joy. 1998. Women pioneers for the environment. Boston: Northeastern University Press.  (HSU Call number GE55 .B74 1998) You can find more essays by her using keyword searching in the HSU Catalog or the WorldCat database.  You can also find quite a bit of information on Norberg-Hodge on the open web in such sources as Wikipedia and videos of talks by her such as: Helena Norberg-Hodge “Bringing food economy home” 1st IFOAM International Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values.
  • Ahmed Rashid.  This well-known author of many books and essays on modern Central Asia wrote Taliban : militant Islam, oil, and fundamentalism in Central Asia published in 2000 by Yale University Press (HSU call number DS371.2 .R367 2000). The book is referenced in Chapter 19 of Three Cups of Tea, as a source of information on the Madrassas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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