Author Appearances in the Fall

Posted By admin on June 29, 2009

Greg Mortenson, author of the HSU/CR Book of the Year for 2009-10, will be making an appearance on the HSU campus, at CR, and in Eureka this fall.  On October 20, 2009, he will appear at a CR reception in the morning, and make an author appearance with a Question and Answer format in the Kate Buchanan Room from 2-3:30 pm.   That evening, he will present his major address in the Eureka High School Auditorium at 7-8, and sign books 8-9.

This will be a wonderful chance to hear from a man who has worked tirelessly to bring change through education to an incredibly poor and isolated region of the world.

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    Please fix the “about the author” section; it’s disrespectful at present.

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  3. Came clueless, left worried. Thanks for the post. – Let’s have some new clichés. – Samuel Goldwyn 1882 – 1974

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