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Ideas for Teaching Parable: Sojourner Truth

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From Barbara Curiel, HSU English and Ethnic Studies:
Lauren, the protagonist, is strongly patterned on Sojourner Truth. They both travel and rescue people who are enslaved, literally and in other ways. The parallels between Lauren and Truth can be studied by introducing historical materials about Truth, including their mutual interest in utopian societies, cross-dressing, and carrying weapons.
June Jordan has a poem “The Song of Sojourner Truth,” that can be studied with the novel.

From Christine Accomando, Professor of English and Ethnic Studies at HSU, more resources on Sojourner Truth:

I think the best work on Truth is Stetson and David’s GLORYING IN TRIBULATION: THE LIFEWORK OF SOJOURNER TRUTH. HSU Library Info

Her oratory is really interesting but always transcribed by others (since
unlike Lauren, she is an activist/orator but not a writer), so it’s
important to be conscious about what versions of speeches you use.

Sweet Honey in the Rock recorded a version of Truth’s Battle Hymn, a song
she composed for the African American soldiers in the Civil War.

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