Special Pre-Release Screening Event

The release of the movie version of The Kite Runner is being delayed until December 14 to allow time to mitigate safety issues for the child stars. (see for example recent articles in the New York Times).

However, students at HSU or College of the Redwoods need not wait to see this wonderful screen adaptation. A “Special Pre-Release Screening” has been arranged for you! The Minor Theatre in Arcata will show the film on November 6 at 7 PM. Tickets will not be sold at the theatre for this event. You MUST OBTAIN YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE from:

You will need to show your student ID to obtain tickets, 2 tickets max.

HSU Student Life Director Rees Hughes and HSU President Rollin Richmond have arranged this unique opportunity so everyone give them a big thanks!

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  1. ellemurray Says:

    what an amazing opportunity! i cannot wait for the release of this movie. hosseini’s message is riveting.


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