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Two More Afghanistan Videos

New to the HSU Library Collection and available for your viewing pleasure: AFGHAN STORIES (VIDEO 6029) The new generations of Afghan people who have lived in a continuous state of warfare for the past 24 years are the focus of this documentary by Afghan-American filmmaker, Taran Davies. Davies and producer Walied Osman traveled from Queens, [...]

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Why the Kite Runner for Book of the Year?

The title was chosen last Spring, and the rationale is described in this announcement: HSU and CR Announce Book of the Year

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NPR Interviews Hosseini

Since Kite Runner appeared in 2003, National Public Radio has done a series of interviews and reports on the book and the author. Most recently, NPR rebroadcast its August, 2005 interview. If you missed this feature, you can listen online to this and several others at Khaled Hosseini, Spinning Tales of a Faraway Home.

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Do You Need a Glossary?

A glossary is a list of special or foreign language terms used in a book, together with their meanings. Since few Americans know many Farsi, Pashto or Dari words, reading the Kite Runner is easier if you can look up non-English terms as you encounter them. You can take advantage of an online glossary developed [...]

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