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The Film Opens!

The Help has been made into a movie with an A-list cast.  Unfortunately it is not showing in Arcata, but is running at Mill Creek Cinema and the Broadway Cinema.

Stockett Visit?

The powers that be at CR and HSU are trying to bring the author of The Help to campus in the Spring, 2012 semester. Stay tuned for developments!

HSU Library Videos on Civil Rights, Slavery and Women

These are suggestions for related viewing from Kumi Watanabe-Schock who manages the HSU Library video collection. Titles available from HSU Library include: Africans in America  (VIDEO 8010) A four part series portraying the struggles of the African people in America, from their arrival in the 1600s to the last days before the Civil War. The [...]

Stockett on YouTube

Kathryn Stockett is represented by numerous videos on YouTube.  Here are a few: @katiecouric: Kathryn Stockett A Novel Idea 2010, an Interview with Kathryn Stockett Warwick’s Books Presents Kathryn Stockett Pt. 1 Warwick’s Books Presents Kathryn Stockett Pt. 2 And many more. There are also others addressing related topics, including Kathryn Stockett’s Hometown Reaction The [...]


The Help became a controversial book this spring.  A longtime family maid, Ablene Cooper, has complained that her story was used in the novel without her consent and the characterization is demeaning.  She filed a lawsuit against the author in February of 2011, with her employer’s support.  The complaint was widely reported, for example, in [...]

Take a Class

HSU and College of the Redwoods will each offer  Book of the Year classes in the fall. Prof. Laurie Winter will offer a one-credit class at HSU this fall (Engl 480, # 41253, Founders Hall 235, with the first class to meet 6-6:50 on August 30 to organize sections.  There are no prerequisites and any [...]

Find The Help

This exciting story is available in many formats. Kathryn Stockett’s book can be checked out from the HSU Library.   If copies are all in circulation, you can recall one using the “Make a Request” link.  The HSU Bookstore offer copies for sale for those who want to own it.  In addition, the Arcata branch of [...]