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Bayside House

"Bayside House", 1947
Watercolor and Ink

"Bayside House" is the work of Elizabeth "Betty" Everett Smith, daughter of Helen Addison Everett, former Humboldt State College Librarian for whom the second-floor reading room in the Library is named. Born on July 22, 1928, Ms. Smith was an alumna of Humboldt State College, B.A. Art 1950, who lived for more than 20 years in Mendocino and loved to read, paint, and look a the ocean from her home on the coast. As a retired librarian, she volunteered at the Mendocino County Library and traveled with painting and choral groups to many countries.

"Bayside House" was donated to the Humboldt State University Library by Lauchlan Jean, Betty Smith's daughter, during a memorial service held on June 4, 2006 to commemorate Ms. Smith's death on February 19, 2006.

This Painting can be found on the Second Floor of the HSU Library

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