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Selections from Light II

The seven exhibited works were originally part of The LIGHT II Exhibition hosted in 1975 at Humboldt State University's Reese Bullen Gallery. Brought to campus by Professor's Ellen Land-Weber and Tom Knight. LIGHT II was an exercise in contemporary photography with the specific purpose to bolster academic institution photography collections. LIGHT II photographs accessed into the Reese Bullen permanent collection were obtained through the university's purchase award, a fund held specifically for the acquisition of artwork.

As stated in the 1975 exhibition catalogue, "The original goal of LIGHT II was to give students and the people of North-Western California the opportunity to view photographic exhibitions of a national caliber, and to establish a permanent collection of significant photographic imagery available to schools and interested organizations for educational purposes."

The selected works exhibited here represent a variety of photographic technique, including silver print, platinum, bichromate gum, 3-M, collage, hand tint, and photosensitized linen. The overriding theme of the LIGHT II imagery represents "an attitude of involvement with the human brain as a form in every aspect of life and living." These works were chosen for exhibition in the Fishbowl space because of their visual interest, and in some cases, humor, as well as the attention they will garner from the general public and those knowledgeable in photography alike.

Hal Martin Fogel

"Mr. and Mrs. Kublin"

Silver Print

Mr. and Mrs. Kublin

Delano, Calif. 1974

Reed Estabrook

"Delano, Calif., 1974"

Hand Colored Silver Print

Alida Fish Cronin

"Dixmont Dress"

Gum Bichromate Print

Dixmont Dress

Flintridge Interior

Peter Kloehn

"Flintridge Interior"

Cibachrome Collage

R.H. Ross

"Charlie Color's French Tickler"

Xerox Print

Charlie Color's French Tickler

Santa Fe Summer 1976 #1

Anne Noggle

"Santa Fe Summer 1976 #1"

Silver Print

Cynthia Pararo

"Untitled 1976"

Silver Print

Untitled 1976

This prints can be seen in the "Fishbowl" on the Second Floor of the HSU Library

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