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Library's Exhibits Policy

Reservations for the display cases in the HSU Library are made online. Reservations begin one week prior to the beginning of the academic year on a first-come, first-served basis. The Library has priority in reserving the cases for displaying information about its collections. Non-Library affiliated displays can go up for two weeks.  Displays go from Tuesday through Monday (removed before 5 pm on Monday); this is so there are displays in the cases over the weekend. 

All exhibits must adhere to the Library's Exhibits policy:

Humboldt State University Library

1.     Policy

1.1.     As used in this policy, "exhibits" includes collections of artifacts brought together in the Library's exhibit cases and other display facilities (i.e., designated wall space) exclusive of bulletin boards.

1.2.     In furthering its educational mission, HSU Library maintains a program of exhibits and displays.

1.3.     Exhibits may include artifacts of any kind on any subject which will be of general educational or cultural interest to the university community.  The following types of exhibits will be particularly encouraged.

1.3.1     Exhibits pertaining to major events on campus or in the community.

1.3.2     Exhibits which assist members of the university community in understanding and making use of library, university, and community resources or of special relevance to the Library's collections and services.

1.3.3     Exhibits which bring to members of the university community outstanding representatives of cultural or social phenomena not otherwise readily available in this community.

1.3.4     Exhibits of work of artists, craftspeople, and the like.

1.4.     The content and workmanship of exhibits should be of good quality, in keeping with the Library's educational and cultural mission.

1.5.     The Library may solicit and encourage exhibits from any source within or outside of the university community, provided that, in the judgment of those in charge of the exhibits program, the material and manner of presentation meet the criteria set forth above.

2.     Procedures

2.1.      The Library Administration staff is in charge of the exhibits program.  An application will be provided to each individual or club at the time the reservation is made which outlines the rules and standards governing exhibits in the Library.  The Library does not insure exhibits.

2.2.     Duties of the Administration staff are:

2.2.1     To maintain a written schedule of exhibits and other necessary records.

2.2.2     If needed, the staff can provide other items, such as pins, drop cloths, etc.).

2.3.     Exhibits covered by this policy will be mounted in the Library building.  Place and manner of mounting will be arranged to provide necessary security as well as desirable public exposure.