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Acquisitions/Cataloging Unit

Mission Statement

Dedicated to excellence in quality and service, the Acquisitions/Cataloging Unit strives to provide superior, timely access to information resources through the acquisition, bibliographic control, and processing of materials in all formats for users of the Humboldt State University Library, working in support of the Library and University mission.


Acquisitions/Cataloging is one of three units within the Access Services Department of the Library, which also includes the Circulation and Periodicals/Serials Units. All Acquisitions/Cataloging Unit staff report directly to Wayne Perryman, chair of the Access Services Department and Acquisitions Librarian. The unit is responsible for providing bibliographic and physical access to materials acquired by the Library.

Unit Staff (with areas of specialization)


The unit is responsible for ordering and receiving monographic materials for the Library collection in all formats, including books, electronic resources, videos, compact discs, music scores, maps, microforms, etc., as requested or selected by Library subject bibliographers. Related information about the Library Collection Development program may be found on the Collection Development page.

Acquisitions Request Form

An electronic order request form is available to request that specific titles be acquired for the collection. Titles may be requested by Library faculty, campus faculty, and other Library patrons. Note, however, that any titles requested by campus faculty or Library patrons must be approved by a Library subject bibliographer before the request can be processed.

Prior to submitting a request, it is always advisable to do a search for the title in the HSU Library Catalog. The HSU Library Catalog includes fully searchable records for titles which are on order, in processing, or cataloged, and new titles are added daily. You may find that your title is already in the process of being added to the collection. Note: if you find an item of interest in the catalog that has been received, but has not yet been fully processed, you may request it by stopping by the Circulation Desk and completing a Search/Hold Card.

Approval Program and Review Process

The approval program is currently on hiatus due to ongoing budget cutbacks in the Library. If and when the approval program is reactivated, this section will provide details on the faculty review process. For further information on the current plight of the Library budget, go to HSU Library Materials Budget -- Documenting the Decline.

Firm Order Process

In the absence of an approval program, all monographic materials are being firm ordered on a title-by-title basis, pending the availability of funding and approval of a Library selector.

Rush Requests

Once an order request has been approved, Acquisitions/Cataloging staff will gladly give it rush treatment as needed. Rush requests should be reserved for circumstances where materials are needed by a certain date in the near future. Candidates for rush ordering might include, for example, course reserve titles for the current semester, resources needed by a faculty member to meet a research project deadline, and urgent end-of-the-year requests.

Determining the Status of an Order Request

Once an order request has been approved by a Library selector and submitted to Acquisitions/Cataloging, it will be processed as quickly as possible. The actual turnaround time for a given request will depend upon several factors, including the availability of funding to make the purchase, the availability of the requested item, and the number of requests in the order queue.

Anyone having a question regarding the status of an order request should first search the title in the HSU Library Catalog, since a record is added to the catalog as soon as a title has been ordered. That catalog record will likewise be updated once the item has been received and is being processed. Further information about HSU Library Catalog status display messages is available on the Circulation Status/Order Information page.

Acquisitions-related questions should be referred directly to the unit by e-mail or by telephone at (707) 826-5591, or to Wayne Perryman, chair of the Access Services Department, at (707) 826-5598.


The Acquisitions/Cataloging Unit is responsible for creating and maintaining the bibliographic and holdings records in the HSU Library Catalog, which provide Library users with access to library materials in all formats, including books, electronic resources, periodicals, serials, maps, videos, compact discs, and microforms.

The Mendery section of the unit handles the physical "end processing" of new materials that are being prepared for the shelves (affixing labels, property stamps, date due slips, etc.); repairs damaged materials; binds selected materials; and, in conjunction with the Periodicals/Serials Unit, works with a commercial binder to have materials bound and/or repaired offsite as required.