HSU Serials Cancellation List, October, 2005
Collection Call Number Title FY2004/05 FY2005/06
ref AE27 .B762 Brockhaus Enzyklophadie. Jahrbuch.  $80.64  
ref AG243 .G85 Guinness book of records. $25.99  
ref AM11 .M8 Official museum directory, United States [and] Canada.     
ref AY754 .W5 Whitaker's almanack.  $150.00  
ref AY81 .F3 O6 Old farmer's almanack   $6.46  
main BF683 .N4 Nebraska Symposium on Motivation. (in ASE)    
ref BF77 .G73 Graduate study in psychology. $24.95  
main cat sep [Publications}    $85.00
main cat sep Belle W. Baruch library in marine science    
main cat sep Ecological studies  $1,201.56  
main cat sep Marine science series $129.95  
main cat sep Psychological issues     
main cat sep Symposium of the British Ecological Society    
main cat sep UCLA Latin American studies $30.45  
ref CJ1755 .S74 Standard catalog of world coins.     
ref CT100 .B56 Biography index. $295.00  
ref CT100 .C8 Current biography yearbook. $140.00  
ref CT213 .D563 1998 Scribner encyclopedia of American lives    
ref CT213 .D568 Directory of American scholars.     
ref CT213 A4 American men and women of science. Physical and biological sciences  $945.25  
ref CT2801 A9 Australian dictionary of biography.     
ref CT770 .W6 Who's who.  $302.25  
ref D11.5 C48 Chase's ... calendar of events. - (charge to Bloom fund instead) $58.46  
main D111 M44 Mediaeval studies.  $86.25  
ref D198.3 .W5 Who's who in the Arab world.     
ref D909 .H37 Let's go, the budget guide to Europe. $23.24  
main DA16 .A55 Annual bibliography of British and Irish history.    
ref DA630 .A17 UK / prepared by the Office for National Statistics.  $74.79  
ref DA650 .H34a Let's go, the budget guide to Britain and Ireland. $21.38  
main DA912 .N48 New history of Ireland / edited by T.W. Moody et al - complete? $250.00  
ref DC16 .H37 Let's go: the budget guide to France. $21.38  
ref DF716 .L46 Let's go Greece. $20.45  
ref DG416 .C7465 Let's go, the budget guide to Italy. $21.38  
main DK40 .S6213 History of Russia $41.00  
ref DP14 .L47 Let's go. The budget guide to Spain & Portugal.  $21.38  
ref DS405 .I64 India; a reference annual. $17.85  
ref DS799 .R46 Republic of China yearbook. (Taiwan)    
ref DU400 .A3 New Zealand official year-book.  $73.40  
ref E158 .L39 Let's go. The budget guide to USA & Canada. $23.24  
ref E176 .W6424 Who's who in American politics.    $360.00
ref E184 .J5 A6 American Jewish year book. $49.50  
ref E185.5 .N317 State of Black America.  $67.90  
main E51 .H337 Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology    
main E51 C2 Contributions of the University of California Archaeological    
ref F1004.7 .M3 Scott's Canadian sourcebook.     
ref F1209 .L44 Let's go. The budget guide to Mexico    
ref F1401 .S71 South American handbook.  $37.15  
atlas G1201.P2 R349 Road atlas, large scale : United States.  $18.55  
main GN2 .Y3 Yale University publications in anthropology.     
main GN2 K76 Papers.    
ref GV193 .P37 Guide to ACA-accredited camps / American Camping Association.    
ref HA1107 .E89 Eurostat yearbook.  $85.00  
ref HA17 .D45 Demographic yearbook = Annuaire dbemographique.- avail online $102.30  
ref HA203 .A5 Almanac of the 50 states. $78.20 $86.25
ref HA203 .U17 State rankings.  $56.95  
ref HA3001 B5 Year book, Australia.  $66.79  
ref HA42 .I56 International marketing data and statistics.    
ref HC411 .F19 Asia yearbook.    
ref HC59 .A169 World economic and social survey / Department of Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis.  $74.40 $13.95
main HC59.7 .W659 World development report.  $24.18  
ref HC79 .I5 U54 National accounts statistics. Main aggregates and detailed tables.    $181.35
ref HC101 S75 Statistical service. $1,199.00  
ref HD4826 .I63 Year book of labour statistics. $200.00  
ref HD5764 .A6 O58 Labour force statistics = Statistiques de la population active. $139.50  
ref HD9560.1 I565 International petroleum encyclopedia.    
ref HD9750.4 .Y4 Forest products = Produits forestiers = Productos forestales. $58.59  
ref HF54.G7 K4 Kelly's industrial directory.- online    
ref HF5681 .B2 R6 Annual statement studies.  $190.00  
ref HF91 .I65 Direction of trade statistics. $80.50  
ref HF91 .U473 International trade statistics yearbook /  $139.50 $139.50
ref HG4057 .A28617 Hoover's handbook of American business. $209.25  
ref HG4057 A5 Ward's business directory of U.S. private and public companies.  $2,778.75  
ref HG4908 .S78 Standard & Poor's quarterly dividend record. $400.00  
ref HG9396 S6 Source book of health insurance data.     
ref HJ257 T25 Facts and figures on government finance.  $75.00  
main HJ4652 .C6 U.S. master tax guide. $63.81  
main HM134 .A552 Pfeiffer annual. Training.  $71.25  
abstract HM134 .A553 Pfeiffer annual. Consulting.  $71.25  
ref HQ1101 .W65 Women studies abstracts.  $300.00  
ref HQ792.2 .S73 State of the world's children. - online 1996+ $23.17  
ref HV98.C3 G84 Guide to California foundations. M- Dead?    
ref JA28 .A562 Biographical directory / American Political Science Association.     
ref JA28 .A562 Directory of members / American Political Science Association.     
ref JK1967 A8 America votes :    
ref JK2403 B6 Book of the States. $92.07 $116.25
refinmain JS344 .C5 A24 Municipal year book.    $92.95
ref KF154 C6 Corpus juris secundum :  $3,826.00 $1,102.00
main KF273 .A86 Official guide to ABA-approved law schools $22.32  
ref KF3790 .A2 E5 Land use & environment law review. $340.00  
ref KF5704 N27 National electrical code.  $65.00  
ref KF5708 .I56 Uniform mechanical code. $89.00  
ref KF5709 I56 Uniform plumbing code     
ref KF90 .S52 1999 Shepard's acts and cases by popular names : federal and state. $523.71  
main KF9709 D38 Rights of juveniles : the juvenile justice system / by Samuel M. Davis.  $216.50  
main KFC30.5 .W422 West's California Judicial Council forms.  $112.00 $61.65
ref KFC47 C282  West's California digest, 2d.  $2,250.75 $2,250.75
caldocs KFC811 .L65 Longtin's California land use  $107.00  
caldocs KFC992 .A195 Northern California local court rules : superior and municipal courts. $77.99  
ref KFC992 .A197 California rules of court. $82.00  
ref L901 .C618 Chronicle vocational school manual.    
ref L901 .C85 Counselor preparation.    
main LB1028.3 .E371 Educational media and technology yearbook.  $155.00  
main LB1101 .O78 A3 Annals of dyslexia. $55.80 $27.90
main LB1573 .A2 C62 Yearbook / Claremont Reading Conference.    
ref LB1589 .N3 Yearbook - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  $129.90  
ref LB2310 .Y5 Commonwealth universities yearbook. $325.50  
ref LB2337.2 .F57 Financial aid for study and training abroad.    
ref LB2338 .D564 Directory of financial aids for women. $41.85  
ref LB2338 .D57 Directory of research grants. $139.95  
ref LB2338 .F55 Financial aid for the disabled and their families. $37.20  
ref LB2338 .S345 Financial aid for veterans, military personnel, and their dependents. $37.20  
main LB2338 S86 Study abroad = bEtudes aa l'betranger = Estudios en el extranjero     
ref M2 .R2383 Recent researches in the music of the Middle Ages     
ref ML1 .H452 Musical America international directory of the performing arts.  $135.00  
ref ML105 .I54 International who's who in classical music.  $401.47  
ref ML12 .D57 1983 Directory of music research libraries /     
ref ML13 .D57 Directory of music faculties in colleges and universities $150.00  
ref ML18 .B54 Billboard's ... international buyer's guide.    
ref N40 .A44 Allgemeines Khunstler-lexikon  $1,974.82 $659.68
main N50 I6 International directory of arts.  $377.88  
ref N582.L25 A35 Register of the Spencer Museum of Art.     
ref N6536 .W5 Who's who in American art.  $280.25  
main N8600 .A76 Artist's & graphic designer's market : $24.99  
abstract P53 .G4 Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics $41.80  
ref P87 .C53 Communication abstracts. $1,311.00  
ref PN161 .L5 Literary market place with names & numbers. $284.95  
ref PN171 .P75 G73 Grants and awards available to American writers.    
ref PN1992.15 I61 International television & video almanac.  $139.50  
ref PN1993.3 .I55 International motion picture almanac. $139.50  
ref PN1993.3 I544 Variety international film guide.  $52.91  
ref PN1995 .N3461 Motion picture guide. ... Annual (the films of ...)     
ref PN1995 F465 Film review annual.    
main PN4700 .E42 Editor & publisher international year book.  $242.75  
main PN851 Y4 Yearbook of comparative and general literature.  $33.00  
main PT175 .G47 1984 Geschichte der deutschen Literatur von den Anfhangen bis zum Beginn  $67.60  
main PT85 .H33 Hansers Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur vom 16.     
main QL1 M5 Miscellaneous publications - Museum of Zoology,  $51.00 $20.00
ref QL1 M53 Occasional papers of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan.     
main R840 .G73 Graduate medical education directory. $219.00 $53.00
ref RA8 A25 Technical report series. (WHO) $106.00  
ref RM671 .A1 P48 Physicians' desk reference for nonprescription drugs.  $110.57  
ref RS75 .P5 Physicians' desk reference : PDR.  $89.23  
ref RT73 .O34 Official guide to undergraduate and graduate nursing schools    
ref S401 .U6 A317 State of food and agriculture. - online now $60.45  
case S633 .A5 Crop protection handbook.  $139.00  
ref SD536 H832 Hough's encyclopaedia of American woods, by E. S. Harrar.    
ref SH1 .Y4 FAO yearbook. Fishery statistics = FAO annuaire. - online now $145.08  
main T12 .D48 California manufacturers register. $214.00  
main T61 .A56 Yearbook / Council on Technology Teacher Education. $32.96  
ref TK6550 .R18 ARRL handbook for the radio amateur.    
main TX907 .I59 Hostelling international : budget accommodation. $13.95 $10.00
ref U162 .S77 Strategic survey.  $324.08 $119.47
ref UA10 .S69a SIPRI yearbook : world armaments and disarmament.  $134.85  
main UA15 .L652 Military balance.     
ref Z1008 V55 Studies in Bibliography.  $65.10  
ref Z475 .A5 American book trade directory. $284.05  
ref Z731 .A53 American library directory;     
ref PT155 .K75 1978 Kritisches Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur  $100.30  
    $31,368.47 $6,275.80