HSU Library Serials Cancellations, Fall, 2003
Title Price
Abstracts with programs – Geological Society of America $200
Academic year aboad $47
Accounting trends and techniques $126
ADEA official guide to dental schools $40
Advances in consumer research $68
Advances in Librarianship $84
Advances in Genetics $312
Advances in Parasitology $279
American Hospital Association guide to the health care field $302
American hospital formulary service drug information $161
American Library Directory - change to every 3 years $189
American Literary Scholarship $83
American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technical Papers $64
America's Corporate Families and international affiliates $1,140
Annals of Mathematics Studies $150
Annuaire Statistique de la France $409
Annual Register of Grant Support $244
Annual Review of Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure $213
APA Membership Directory $110
AZA membership directory $140
Biographical memoirs $255
Biosis Serial Sources $175
Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook $108 Change to every other year
Brookings Standing Order (2004) $705 *
Building Construction Cost Data $191
Bulletin Peabody Museum of Natural History $16
California Manufacturers Register $107 Change to every other year
Children's Literature Review $1,310
Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology $266
Collected letters of T & J Carlyle? $60
Collected Works of Coleridge? $116 irreg
Comitatus $30
Commonweath University yearbook $256 every 3 years?
Comprehensive analytical chemistry $415
Congress & the nation $260 in '03, 0 before
Contributions in Marine Science $47
CRB Commodity Yearbook $209
CSG state directory. Directory III, Administrative Officials $47
CSG state directory. Directory I, Elective officials $46
Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment $55
Direct marketing Market Place $354
Directory of American Philosophers $52
Directory of Geoscience Departments $8
Directory of Physicians in the US $379
Directory of US Labor Organizations $98
Dunnan's Guide to Your Investments $15
Economic Survey of Latin America $126
Economic Survey of Europe $102
Economic and Social Survey of Asian and the Pacific $126
Essays and Studies $47
Essays in Biochemistry $38
Fact Book / NYSE, New York Stock Exchange $10
Fact Book: property/casualty facts $33
Federal civil rights acts $365
Federal control of business.  Antitrust laws $221
French XX Bibliography $99
General Report on the Activities of the European Union $55
Guide to Programs of Geography in the US $58
Handbook of private schools $46
Imago Mundi $105
Index of economic articles $293 same as EconLit?
Index of Fungi $226
Injury (Accident Facts) $45
Inorganic Syntheses $84
International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses $33
J C Poggendorffs biographisch-literarisches Handwhorterbuch fhur Mathematik, Astronomie, Physik mit Geophysik, Chemie, Kristallographie und verwandte Wissensgebiete…  $135
Jane's All the World's Aircraft $100
Jane’s Fighting Ships $100
Kew Record of Taxonomic Literature $236
Larmac consolidated index to the Constitution and the laws of California $220
Letters of Dickens (completed 2003) $80
Manual of Writings on middle English $20 irreg
Milepost $25
National Faculty Directory $415
Northern California business directory $65
Notebooks of Coleridge $50 irreg
Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology $8
Patterson's American Education $50
Patterson't elementary education $50
Peterson's guide to four-year colleges $28
Peterson's Guide to two-year colleges $25
Pharmacy School Admission Requirements $30
Political Handbook of the World $35
Proceedings - California Academy of Sciences $40
Proceedings - Coastal Engineering Conference $397
Proceedings - Offshore Technology Conference $175
Proceedings - Southern Tree Improvement Conference $151
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting $109
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment $150
Proceedings of the Western Snow Conference $30
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry $140
Pushcart Prize $35
Random Lengths Yearbook $44
Report - Minority Rights Group $145
Requirements for certification of teachers $40
Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology $360
Royal Society of Chemistry, Package F.  Annual Reports of Chemistry $750
S&P Bond Guide $140
S&P Stock Reports $1,000
Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans $199
Shaw $39
Short-term study abroad $87
Something about the author $1,406
State Government Directory $102
State legislative leadership, committees, and staff $56
Statesmen's Year Book $144
Statistisches Jahrbuch fur die Bundesrepublik Deutschland $81
Studies in the Age of Chaucer $9
Summer Jobs Abroad $17
Summer Jobs in the USA $18
Supreme Court Review $469
Time Almanac (Information Please) $30
Try Us (Minority Business Directory) $125
Verhandlungen. Internationale Vereinigung fur Theoretishche und Angewandte Limnologie $684
Video Source Book $763
World Chamber of Commerce Directory $46
Wines & Vines. Buyer's Guide $31
World Directory of Medical Schools $41
Yearbook - Assn of Pacific Coast Geographers $9
Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches $93
Total $21,875
Additional Cancellations for Electronic Exchange:
Art Index $1,513
Forestry Abstracts $1,460
Forest Products Abstracts $805
Agroforestry Abstracts $390