Learning Commons News

Culminating a multi-year planning process, the Humboldt State University Library building is now home to several services that support student learning. Four of those services are recent additions to the Library building, having relocated from various other buildings across campus this past summer, in an effort to improve their accessibility and convenience to the student community. Taken in their totality, the array of services provided in the Library building constitute the Learning Commons.

The Learning Commons initiative is a collaborative effort involving all of the divisions from across the University, including the President’s Office, Academic Affairs, Administrative Services, Student Services, University Advancement, and the University Center, with some additional support from private donors. The Library has played a lead role in conceptualizing, planning, and implementing the Learning Commons, connoting its broadening role in providing student support, and is working closely with those units which recently moved into the Library building.

Learning Commons Goals

The overarching goal of the Learning Commons is to provide a flexible, comfortable, welcoming, and convenient environment which supports the educational mission of the University. Within the Learning Commons, students are now able to:

  • Access electronic and print information resources;
  • Engage in quiet individual study;
  • Convene in study groups;
  • Conduct independent research;
  • Get expert assistance with assignments, projects, and presentations;
  • Receive additional support for academic subjects, test preparation, etc.;
  • Receive technical support for personal computing, web development, multimedia, and networking applications;
  • Get customized assistance in the use of academic instructional tools; and
  • Gain sustenance (food and drink) to fuel their studies.
Learning Commons Partners

As noted, the Commons now provides a convenient location under one roof for numerous support services that help facilitate student learning and academic achievement. The services now available in the Library building include:

HSU Library – providing access to electronic and print information resources, personalized expert research assistance, and ample space for individual and group study.

Computer Help Desk – offering drop-in and telephone assistance in accessing and utilizing campus computing networks and resources.

Learning Center - providing personalized assistance with difficult courses, study skills, standardized test preparation, reading, math, and writing skills.

Library Café – providing a convenient location to grab a snack and beverage, meet and socialize with friends, recharge handheld devices, and/or study.

Student Disability Resource Center – offering disabled students with customized services to support their access to and use of campus resources and facilities.

Testing Center – providing an accommodated environment for taking standardized tests that are required for university admission or placement in specific classes.

Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services – offering academic advising, counseling, and other services to United States military veterans, active duty personnel, and their dependents.

Writing Center – offering expert support for writing and research across the curriculum. 

Your Input is Important to Us

If you have ideas, questions, or concerns related to the Learning Commons, please contact Wayne Perryman byemail or by phone at (707) 826-5598.