Student Employment

The HSU Library maintains a student workforce throughout the academic year and during the summer months. On average, the Library employs approximately 30 to 50 students during the academic year. Both Work-Study and non Work-Study students, with or without library experience are eligible for employment in the Library. Vacant positions are posted throughout the year with the Career Center's Springboard job service. Peak hiring times are August/September and January/February.

Library student employees may work in a number of specialized units, in various positions, which call for a range of skills from light clerical to technical. These skills are determined, implemented, and supervised by the Library staff within the various units, with each unit overseeing and performing a specific set of operations. Hiring units within the Library are:

  • Administration
  • Acquisitions
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Collection Development
  • Information Services
  • Government Documents
  • Humboldt Room
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Periodicals
  • Systems

One of the perks of working in the library as a student assistant is the opportunity to participate in professional development by earning your Professional Research Skills Certificate. This will not only look great on your resume, but also teach you how to be a better researcher. Interested in getting paid to take five different SkillShop classes? Talk to your supervisor. If you complete one class in each of the five categories (Life, Technology, Professional, Academic, Research) over the course of your employment at the library, then you earn the certificate. Check the Library Workshops calendar often to see all that is being offered throughout the year.

Hiring Process

When you are hired for a position in the Library, you will need to make an appointment with the Administration Office, Library Room 108, (707) 826-5594 to complete the employment paperwork. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. You must bring the following to the appointment: a copy of your completed Student Employee Application Form and Schedule, a photo ID, and your Social Security Card bearing an original signature. Students will also be required to complete an I-9 form and provide proof of eligibility to work as required by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the PDF forms.

Work Study students must provide verification of your financial aid work study award.

If you have previously worked or are currently working in another department on campus, be sure to notify Administration during the employment sign-up process to avoid duplicate paperwork.

Student Assistant & Work Study Classifications
Students can work in two separate classifications provided they meet specific criteria: Student Assistant and Work Study. These classifications have been established as positions filled by students while they are enrolled at the University. The classifications are designed to meet three primary objectives
  • To provide the University with part-time help in performing a variety of instructional and administrative tasks.
  • To provide a means of supplementing the income of students and help them meet expenses related to their education.
  • To provide students with work experience, preferably related to their academic majors.
Students in these classifications may be employed in any of the University's departments, offices, or auxiliary organizations performing work on a part-time, temporary basis. Students may be assigned to clerical, technical, maintenance, para-professional or other tasks related to the instructional or administrative functions of the University. Student Assistant classifications shall not be used in lieu of established classifications goverened by collective bargaining agreements.
Federal Work Study is a federally funded financial aid program and eligibility is based on financial need plus the number and level of units in which the student is enrolled. For Information regarding Federal Work Study, please visit the University's Financial Aid website.
  • General requirements - Student Assistant and Work Study employees are hourly wage earners and are entitled to receive payment for every hour of work they perform. Work supervisors are responsible for clearly defining work schedules in advance and keeping accurate records of all the work performed by students.
  • Classification of positions - The classification level of a position is determined in accordance with Human Resources policy on Student Employment Classification Levels. The appointed level is based strictly on the duties and responsibilities required to perform the job and not by the innate ability of an incumbent or the availability of departmental funding. Library Employers are responsible for preparing a job description and determining the appropriate classification level before a position is filled. This description remains on file with the hiring department.
  • Wage rates - Hourly wage rates for the Student Employee classifications are set by the University and revised periodically based upon the Federal Minimum Wage Guidelines for the State of California. Students hired for the first time into positions in which they have no previous experience or training must be assigned to the first step of each class.
  • Step increases - Students will be advanced from one step to another within a particular classification level after 300 hours of satisfactory work. This increase is based upon the amount of time a student has worked at their particular jobs, positive performance evaluation and approval of their immediate supervisor.
When students are assigned to work in two units within the department, accrued hours will remain within that unit. Accrued hours may be transferred from one work assignment to another within a department provided it is agreed upon by the unit to transfer accrued hours, and their new job assignment is at the same classification level. Accrued hours cannot be transferred to jobs in other departments at the University.
  • Reclassification - Some positions may change as students stay on a job and acquire more duties and responsibilities. In such cases, employers are obligated to redefine the position to include the new duties and responsibilities and promote the student if the job fits into a higher classification. Reclassification is based upon the type of work each student is performing and not the amount of time spent on a job. When students are reclassified, they must start at the lowest step in the new classification, and the accrual of hours worked previously will not apply towards the new classification.
  • Evaluations - Supervisors should periodically evaluate the work performance of their student employees in order to provide a basis for granting step increases. Evaluations should be formal and shared with the employee in a setting which provides an opportunity to respond to positive and negative comments. Some suggested points to cover in evaluation are:
  1. The student's increased understanding of the work and ability to perform the duties of the job.
  2. The student's willingness to cooperate with others and develop effective relationships in the work environment.
  3. The student's ability to carry out instructions and meet job requirements in terms of quality and quantity.
Payroll Information
Students will be assigned to a unit, and must "clock in and out" by using the Library's "Time Clock" computer database. A student time voucher must be completed every month in order to get paid. Time vouchers must be turned in by the due date established by the Library Administration Office. This deadline is important because all student paychecks are issued at one time by the State Controller's office. At the end of each payroll cycle, the Administration Office will process those vouchers for payment.
The usual payroll cycle is 22 days. Student payday is usually around the 15th of each month. You will get paid the following month in which you work. You must bring a photo ID with you to the Student Financial Services window on the second floor of the Student Services Building.
Please refer to the Pay Calendar for each cycle, although a University Calendar will be posted by the time clock for your review. More information about payroll can be found at Financial Services' Getting Paid at HSU website.