Frequently Asked Questions about Periodicals

Why hasn't yesterday's Los Angeles Times been put out on the newspaper sticks yet?
Only the Eureka Times-Standard and the San Francisco Chronicle are delivered by carrier; because of the cost, all other newspaper subscriptions are sent 4th class mail. This means that often papers are received 3 to 5, and sometimes more, days after the date of publication. Periodical unit staff try to put newspapers out for display within a few hours of receipt in the mail. If you have a question about whether a newspaper issue has been received, ask at the Periodical & Media Assistance window.
Why isn't the current issue of Newsweek ever on the Current Display?
Periodicals on the Current Display are heavily used. Periodical unit staff reshelve issues 2 times a day, and issues of most titles return to the display at least once in 24 hours. If you have a question about a particular title, ask at the Periodical & Media Assistance window.
How long does it take for a new issue of a periodical to be put out? I've noticed that the date on the cover is sometimes weeks or months earlier than the date that the issue gets to the shelves.
The answer to this question varies, depending on the periodical title. If the title is behind publication schedule, the date the publisher puts on an issue's cover might be months or (occasionally) years earlier than the date the issue was actually published. The time it takes for 4th class mail to be delivered to Humboldt County is also a factor. Periodical unit staff try to shelve new issues of Current Display titles within 1 day of receipt in the Library, and to have new issues of all other titles shelved within 3 days of receipt. If you have a question about receipt of a particular issue, ask at the Periodical & Media Assistance window.
I've been looking for 2007 issues of a periodical I need for the last week, and they're never there. How long does it take for issues to to reshelved?
If you can't find an issue or issues of a periodical, you can always ask at the Periodical & Media Assistance window for help. If you are in the Library at a time when the window is closed, go to the Circulation Desk, first floor, to see if the issues have been checked out. In addition, be sure to search the title in the "Journal & Newspaper Finder" on the Library's web page: there is often electronic fulltext in one of the databases the Library subscribes to. Older issues might be available in microfilm or microfiche format, so double check the Library Catalog to see exactly what should be physically in the Library, and where. Finally, you can fill out a Search/Hold card at the Circulation Desk; this initiates the process of Library staff searching for, and possibly replacing, missing issues.