Sculpture Walk 2006

Kristin Hadley
Plastic, Forton MG, Mixed Media
"By making the art that I make I allow viewing into the personal realm not always in plain site side of me. When I use object art items taken from my everyday life I am introducing the concept of the "Intimate" into my work. This then allows me to manipulated and push the boundaries of those objects into different categories and ideas beyond the original conception. by taking that first step of introducing the "Intimate" into my work I can then tackle finding a balance between self-preservation and sheer exhibitionism.

"The Frozen Secrets of Mt. Everest " 
Marilyn Andrews 
Mixed Media
"This piece is about the mysteries of high altitude climbing."

"Internal Growth " 
Tommie Zamora 
Forton MG, Latex
"This sculpture represents the growth and experiences that I have expressed from life. The squares represent the changes in my life. "

"Pain Train " 
Sondra Schwetman 
Forton MG, Bronze, Steel, Pigment 

"Three Graces" 
Michele McCall-Wallace 
Bronze, Enamel, Glass Crystals 
"As a traditional "embodiment of pleasure", these "Three Graces", in essence, represent one of the many tools of women - the use of adornment as a means of personifying elegance, charm and beauty."

"Die andere"
Jen Gordon 

Bob Frye 
Copper, Steel, Aluminum
"My work is nonobjective and improvisational"

Pro Choice Series 
Mort Scott 

Ryan Cox