Baeder, John

Blue Beacon Diner by John BaederBlue Beacon Diner
1980 224/350
Color Silkscreen
American artist, John Baeder is one of the best known of the photo realists.
His most characteristic paintings and prints depict roadside diners that seem to capture the spirit of America.
This popular artist was born in South Bend, Indiana, in 1938, and studied at Auburn University in Alabama.
Vista Mar Inn by John BaederVista Mar Inn
1980, 1995.1.10
Color Silkscreen
Lisi's Pittsfield Diner by John BaederLisi's Pittsfield Diner
1980 224/250
Color Silkscreen
Royal Diner by John BaederRoyal Diner
1980 199/250
Color Silkscreen
Chicken Chops by John BaederChicken Chops
1980 169/250
Color Silkscreen