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Anthropology Plus is the world's most comprehensive, focused index of bibliographic materials from the late 1800s to today in the fields of social, cultural, physical, biological, and linguistic anthropology; ethnology, archaeology, folklore, and material culture; and interdisciplinary studies. Beyond these disciplines, researchers and scholars in art history, demography, economics, genetics, geography, geology, history, psychology, religion, or sociology will all find relevant anthropological material. Combines Harvard University's Anthropological Literature database and the Anthropological Index (Royal Anthropological Institute) to provide worldwide coverage of core journals plus local and lesser-known journals. Citations include journal articles, reports, commentaries, and obituaries from over 2,500 journals and edited works.
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Coverage: Late 19th century to the present ##UPDATE FREQUENCY Approximately 12 times per year ## ##Materials are collected in all languages. Slavic languages are transliterated from Cyrillic; titles in non-Roman scripts are typically translated into English.
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